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APUFRAM is a non-profit organization that currently operates in eight Departments within Honduras as well as in the Dominican Republic.

APUFRAM is an acronym for "Asociación Pueblo Franciscano de Muchachos y Muchachas," which translates as "Association of Franciscan Boys Towns and Girls Towns."

APUFRAM's purpose is to provide academic and spiritual education to the poor children of Honduras. Since they formed in 1986, they have been committed to their motto, “God, Study, Work,” and to offering the poor the same opportunities they were provided.


Today, APUFRAM operates a number of elementary and high schools, orphanages, boys and girls boarding schools, a trade school, university housing and a shelter for abandoned mothers and children.


They have educated more than 30,000 young people who are now helping their communities in various fields such as agriculture, business, engineering, law, medicine and education.


Educational Model


APUFRAM has extended their model for success of providing needy children the opportunity for progression through elementary, junior high, and high school, and on to university for those who are capable.

The establishment of boarding schools and university housing is the hallmark of the APUFRAM educational model, which is now being implemented in the Dominican Republic as well as in Honduras.

APUFRAM Members at Joint Meeting with AI, February 23, 2013

APUFRAM Members at Joint Meeting with AI, February 23, 2013

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