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February 2011 Newsletter


February 2011

 2010-03-25 Letter Head
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APUFRAM International Board President Message
Prayer Intentions
Message From the Director of APUFRAM
Message from an APUFRAM Staff Member
Volunteer Reflection
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APUFRAM International is dedicated to supporting the vision of Fr. Emil Cook and APUFRAM: helping the poor help themselves through Christ-centered education at sites in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

APUFRAM International Board of Directors' President's Message



This year, we are grateful to you, our most dedicated supporters, for your faith and commitment to helping the poor of Honduras and the Dominican Republic through your support of Fr. Emil Cook and APUFRAM.


CONGRATULATIONS, APUFRAM International!  AI is pleased to announce that we have recently been granted 501(c)(3) federal non-profit status as a public charity.   Donors may now send their tax-deductible contributions directly to APUFRAM International instead of to Special Missions Foundation.


The AI Board would like to express their deepest gratitude to Jerry and Sandra Thompson, co-founders of Special Missions Foundation, for making it possible over the last year and a half for supporters of APUFRAM to receive tax deductions for their donations.  SMF stood by APUFRAM International through some very trying times when it would have been much easier not to do so.  In addition, since March, 2010, SMF has served as an independent third-party monitor of the APUFRAM child-protection program.  AI looks forward to a continuing partnership with Special Missions as we work toward our mutual goal of providing hope for the future through education to the very poor of Honduras.  Thank you, and God bless you, Jerry and Sandra!


The litigation with MHI is close to resolution.  At this time, the AI Board wishes to reaffirm their faith in Father Emil and APUFRAM with a pledge to continue supporting the important work being done by them in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.


The children of APUFRAM, Honduras, recently enjoyed a visit from a group of 14 volunteers led by AI Vice-President Roger Koziolek from Wells, MN, who accomplished many necessary repairs and spent Thanksgiving there.  Stay tuned for reflections from volunteers!


Plan your trip as a volunteer with APUFRAM in Honduras!  Please contact for information about volunteering as a group or individual and see the face of Jesus in the poor.


Ninos del Hogar San Antonio de Padua La Villa As Mary and Joseph listened to the angel of the Lord direct themsafely to Nazareth, we pray for God's guidance to help us through supporters like you, that together we may help the poor children of Honduras and the Dominican Republic.  May the peace and joy of the birth of Our Savior, Jesus, fill your hearts, and may He shower you and yours with abundant blessings in the New Year.


God's Blessings and Peace to you,


David Jelinek

President, APUFRAM International

Prayer Intentions


Please include Joan Pharr of Summers, AR, a long-time supporter of Fr. Emil and APUFRAM, in your prayers.  Joan was in a serious car accident in October and has a long road to recovery ahead of her.  

If you have a special prayer intention that you would like to have included in our monthly newsletter, please let us know by writing

From the Director of APUFRAM  


Dear Friends,

With great hope, I am writing to wish you success in your lives and in all your daily endeavors.  May God provide you with countless blessings in the new year.


I am taking this opportunity to share with you the happiness of having completed the 2010 school year with 810 young people and children, of which 133 students received the certificate of graduation in different educational areas.  The parents of their families were very grateful to APUFRAM and to all the people who help us.

Those beneficiaries who have families traveled to their communities to share the joy of Christmas and New Year's and to enjoy their vacation time with the hope and excitement of continuing their studies in the year 2011.  In APUFRAM, we continue working on repairs to the various centers, the training of personnel, and searching for alternatives in order to do a better job with the beneficiaries in the homes and educational centers.


We are infinitely grateful to all the people who, during the year 2010, offered their donations of time, materials, and money and, in a very special way, to those persons who have elevated their prayers to God for the continuation of this labor of love that benefits so many poor people.  In the same way, we are grateful to Special Missions Foundation and to all the organizations that have served as a medium so that donations reach our institution.

Thank you to all those people who visited us this year in order to share and experience our work, especially to the group of friends from Wells, Minnesota, U.S.A., who visited us in November for two weeks and with whom we shared Thanksgiving Day.  We received a visit from a cousin of Father Emil Cook's, who came from California and will be with us for two months. They hadn't seen each other for 60 years.  We were also visited by representatives of the American Embassy and the agency of Japanese Cooperation.  After learning about our work, they have given us hope of cooperation and the possibility of having a Japanese volunteer with us for a long time. Additionally, we have a Peace Corps volunteer collaborating with us.


Once again, we invite all of you to visit us to witness the impact of our labor in the lives of the children and to motivate yourselves so that we can work together and educate more children.


In Honduras, we have economic, political, and social difficulties.  There is high unemployment and a lack of opportunities, but the happiness and desire of our people to be educated inspires us to continue working with all persons of good will in the building of educational opportunities for those who are poor.


May the Lord, rich in compassion, repay you fully for the generosity of your hearts and shower all of you with many blessings.


Manuel Cartagena

Executive Director, APUFRAM

Message from an APUFRAM Staff Member 

To my dear friends:


I hope that the year 2011 holds every kind of blessing for you.


I am Manuel de Jesús Ayala, originally from the department of Ocotepeque, Honduras, but raised in the municipality of San Francisco in the department of Atlántida.  There, I received my primary education and, afterward, dedicated myself to working the land with my father and, at times, working for the Standard Fruit Company in pineapple exportation


On New Year's Day of 1980, I left my home, heading for Tegucigalpa to begin my secondary studiesThere, I was received by Fr. Emil Cook, of the Order of Friars Minor, Conventual, who helped me in my studies in San Buenaventura High School, founded by him in the neighborhood of San Francisco de Comayagüela.

In 1981, we moved to the community of Flores, Villa San Antonio, department of Comayagua, where a new project began that would, in 1986, become what is now known as Association of Franciscan Boys and Girls Towns, APUFRAM.


In 1985, I graduated as a Teacher of Primary Education, always with the help of Fr. Emil Cook. The following year, I began my university studies, and I graduated as a professor of English in 1991.


I began to work with APUFRAM as an English professor in the Institute of Maximillian Kolbe and as Executive Director of the Association.  In 1992, I was sent to found the Institute of San Jose de Cupertino in San Jose, department of La Paz.  In 1993, I founded the Institute of San Antonio de Padua in Salamá Tocoa, department of Colón, where I worked as Director and teacher until 1996.

In 1997, I was able to found the Our Lady of Guadalupe Boarding Facility for Girls and Santa Ana Catholic School, located in El Conejo at the crossroad to the city of La Paz.  There I worked until 1999.


In 2000, I began teaching and counseling work in the Institute of Maximillian Kolbe where I am currently working.

I am an associate of APUFRAM, an experience that has allowed me to become closer to and serve the poor of my country.  This experience, which I share with my fellow associates, has enriched me as a person and as a Catholic Christian.


It is also fitting to say that I have worked as an active member of my Catholic parish as a Delegate of the Word of God in the small rural communities of our parish.

I wish to point out that working in an institution like APUFRAM is not easy and I am sustained only with faith in God and the conviction to serve the poorWe need to rid this country of ignorance and, thus, povertyIt is possible to overcome the stages of misery and poverty, and I am an example; today, as a professional, I have a home with my wife and daughter and we continue to struggle to help those in need.


APUFRAM is an alternative for many youths in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, but it is necessary to want to be different: men and women with a different visión, with a mentality that looks toward the future and desires positive changes for a better society.

Ayala familia
Ayala familia




Volunteer Reflection 

Hi, my name is Dave, and I am from Yonkers, N.Y.  I got back from visiting the children of APUFRAM in Honduras in early October.  I try going twice a year.  When I am there, I have the best of times.  It is great to be around these children.  They are so happy with what they have, and they are okay with what they do not have, things we take for granted.  There is a strong sense of spirituality, and one can see the hand of God at work there.  

Everyone seems to be at peace.  We, in America, have the basic comforts and then some; we have toys, bells and whistles, etc, and yet a lot of us complain.  Down there, the basics, and I mean basics, are just fine and one never hears any gripes from the children or the others.

It rained every day for the 2 weeks I was there, and never once did anyone comment on the mud or the conditions.  I did not do that much physical work because of the downpours and having to work in the mud.  But the children were working and going without complaining.

They put me to shame in that regard.  Whoever told you New Yorkers are tough does not know what they are saying.  Take a look at these good people.  It is just pure, simple living with people caring for each other and putting the focus on each other.

Father Emil is doing a wonderful job, and he is very passionate about his work and dedicated.  He is a peaceful man who loves the children, and one can easily see that they love him too.

I wish to part by saying that you should go; you will have a wonderful time.  Please keep Father Emil, the workers of APUFRAM, and especially the children in your prayers.  

God bless you.


Author Gives Proceeds to APUFRAM International 


One of our supporters, George E Pfautsch, is an author and has published five books on the subjects of morality, justice, and faith, entitled The Wisdom of our Soul, The Purpose of Life, Flawed Justice, Times of Greatness, and Redefining Morality.  He has committed to donating all of the royalties he receives from the sale of his books in 2011 to APUFRAM International. 


Books purchased online from his publisher, AuthorHouse, produce about double the amount of royalties versus those purchased from bookstores or online book retailers such as Amazon.  You can view a synopsis and a preview of his books by going to and typing his full name, "George E Pfautsch," on the Author tab and then clicking on Bookstore.  His books are very suitable for church groups. 

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