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APUFRAM International remains dedicated to supporting the vision of Fr. Emil Cook and APUFRAM: helping the poor help themselves through Christ-centered education at sites in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.


Villa San Antonio
This website is a vital resource for those who wish to maintain the dream of Father Emil Cook and a link to his important work in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.  It also serves as a portal for members of APUFRAM and APUFRAM International to connect and collaborate.

In March 1970, Father Emil embarked on his calling when he arrived to serve as the parish priest for two counties in the Department of Olancho, Honduras. Living conditions were primitive: no electricity, no phones, and little food for the people.

The nearest high school was two days away by horse, and only the rich could afford to attend school. With no access to education, the poor were condemned to poverty and there was no way to break the cycle.

Fr. Emilís vision was to educate the poor so that the children could become self-sufficient as adults. Throughout, his goal was to ďteach the poor to fish" so that they could become independent.

As his students graduated from the elementary and secondary schools he established, some went on to universities. A group of these graduates then formed APUFRAM, a Honduran non-profit organization that operates multiple mission sites in Honduras, as well as several mission sites in the Dominican Republic.

Since forming in 1986, APUFRAM has made great strides towards becoming self sufficient, generating 60% of the revenue needed to operate and carry on Father Emilís vision.

In 2003, APUFRAM expanded.  Today, they operate in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, running orphanages, elementary and high schools, boarding schools, a trade school, university housing and a shelter for abandoned mothers and children.

APUFRAM has educated thousands of young people who are now helping their communities in various fields, such as agriculture, business, engineering, law, medicine and teaching, and leading the way to a better tomorrow for the people of Honduras and the Dominican Republic.


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APUFRAM International was recognized as a Public Charity by the IRS on November 19, 2010, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are pleased to report that our overhead is only six percent. If you wish to make a contribution, you can find out more information here.
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