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Dominican Republic Mission Sites


After twenty-five years of success developing a network of schools, orphanages and student residences across Honduras, the stage was set for international expansion of APUFRAM at the turn of the millennium.

In 2000, an APUFRAM team conducted an exploratory visit to the Dominican Republic where they discovered a nation of sharp contrasts. They found that exotic tourist attractions on the north coast and the historical sites and colonial streetscapes of the capital of Santo Domingo masked the extreme poverty in the rural areas.

Recognizing the same lack of opportunity they had endured many years before, these APUFRAM leaders quickly launched a plan for student residences near available public schools to make education accessible for the needy.

Later, in 2001, a talented American couple working with APUFRAM established two projects: one, near the town of Estabania on the rural south coast, and the other, a university residence in Santo Domingo. Today, APUFRAM provides room, board and educational support to needy students enrolled in the national university.


Estabania School, Boarding School


The Saint Francis of Assisi Boys Town is modeled on the previous success APUFRAM experienced in Honduras. Students from remote mountain villages previously unable to afford or commute to a local high school now live on-site and receive Catholic education while living in a stable, secure, family-like atmosphere.

By 2002, St. Francis housed 20 students. Later, APUFRAM made additions to bring its potential capacity to 34 students.  Although this boarding facility had to be closed for a couple years due to lack of funds, APUFRAM was able to reopen it in 2016. Twelve students are living there during the 2016-2017 school year.

Santo Domingo - University Housing

The university residence in Santo Domingo provides room, board and educational support to needy students enrolled in the national university. This project was established after the purchase of a small property with a modest house capable of supporting a multi-story vertical expansion.
APUFRAM is renovating and adding a second and third floor to expand capacity to 50 students.

Future Projects

Two additional projects are planned to create additional mission sites:
- The first is in a rural area near the border with Haiti, a pilot project site in the town of Matayaya which would provide housing for ten boys to access junior and senior high school.
- The second is a cooperative venture with an order of missionary nuns to establish a girls boarding school (girlstown) and school for grades 6-12 for girls.
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