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Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Most people volunteer with the intention of sharing their talents or abilities with APUFRAM; they take away much more from their experience than they could ever give.


-    If you can go, we’ll help you find a way.
-    Others are always planning trips; if you would like to travel when someone else will be there, let us know.
-    Concerned about age?  We’ll point you to your peers who can address your concerns.

For more information,

Explore our short-term or long-term programs.

Learn more about volunteering with APUFRAM here.

Get started by downloading our volunteer forms

APUFRAM International Guidebook
         The AI Board of Directors has created a comprehensive guidebook to address many of the
         questions that volunteers may have when supporting Father Emil and the mission. A downloadable
         copy of the guidebook is available upon request from AI's volunteer coordinator.

Contact us at to request a copy and let us address any other questions.

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