Many of the students are taught agricultural methods at this site and help grow and harvest the following crops: yucca, mangoes, citrus fruits, cashews, corn, and soybeans. Students also help hatch and raise ducks, turkeys, geese, and chickens.

El Conejo

The mothers at this site raise chickens and are starting a pig project.  Mangoes and sugar cane are also grown on the El Conejo acreage.

Villa San Antonio

There is a fish project and a mahogany farm on the property.


La Campana, Cortes

A junior high school is located on 20 acres of land at this site. Future plans, when funding permits, are to build a student house and plant African Palm here  At the present time, use of this site has been loaned to the local Catholic diocese which operates the school there.

Milla Cuatro, Cortes

There are 200 coconut trees planted on the property.


Toyos, El Progresso

On the 15 acres of this site, students help raise chickens and harvest chili peppers, coconuts, pineapples, lychees, oranges, papayas, and cacao (chocolate).

Las Metalias, El Progresso

Crops being raised at this site include cacao, corn, pineapple, papayas and plantains.

Salama, Colon

African Palm trees are also grown at this site, and the boys at the boarding facility assist in the harvesting of the palm berries.

Santa Maria, Colon

APUFRAM has over 250 acres here where they grow African Palm.  They have also recently planted 300 mahogany trees.  It will take about 25 years before these trees are ready to be harvested.


Cuaca, Colon

There are about 95 head of dairy cattle here.  APUFRAM sells about 110 liters of milk a day at this site, plus they make and sell cheese as well as provide it for use at their boarding facilities.


San José, La Paz

Coffee, bananas, pine, and mahogany trees are grown and harvested on the 10 acres of this site.


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