Volunteer & Retreat Centers

El Conejo – St. Theresa de Lisieux Volunteer & Retreat Center

Additionally, the St. Therese de Lisieux Volunteer/Retreat Center is located here. This is where mission volunteers stay, and where various Honduran groups hold retreats. Classes for the training program newly established by APUFRAM for area residents are also held here.

Las Metalias – Volunteer & Retreat Center/Agricultural Site

 Located about four miles from APUFRAM’s school and boarding facility in Toyos, this site includes a two story house situated on several acres in an idyllic setting overlooking a stream. Donated to APUFRAM by an Indian couple, it was previously used to house indigenous students who attended school at the Toyos site.  Before being refurbished by two volunteer groups in January and February of this year, it had been closed for several years.  APUFRAM plans to use it as a guesthouse for retreats or meetings with the hope that it will generate income.
Crops being raised at this site include cacao, corn, pineapple, papayas and plantains.

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Chachaguala – Retreat Center

A two-story house and retreat center on the Caribbean, this site is the first exposure to the sea for many children of the mission.  Also located on the property is a church built by APUFRAM and a home for a pastoral worker and his family.  One of the six pastoral workers whose salaries are paid by APUFRAM, he ministers full time to the people in the immediate area.  When the center is not being used for other retreats, Father Emil treats groups of students to a break from their normal routines at this location.

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