Estabania, Dominican Republican

This is the chapel on the boarding site in Estabania where the students come to celebrate mass.

ChapelFlores, Comayagua

There is a chapel located on the boarding site in Flores where the boys and girls come to celebrate mass, have religious ceremonies, and put on various religious performances.


Muchilena, Cortes

APUFRAM helped the local parish to build a church in this town.  At this site and at each place where APUFRAM builds a church, the local parish is expected to share in the construction expense. After construction is completed and services are held in the church, each parish is also asked to send a portion of their donations to APUFRAM.  In this way APUFRAM was able to continue to build more churches. Most of the churches that APUFRAM helped build are staffed with a pastoral worker.  A priest may come to celebrate Mass only once a month.
Over the years APUFRAM has helped build 90-100 churches in Honduras.  It receives over 100 requests annually for assistance in building a parish church in communities without one.  Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, they are no longer able to do so.
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