There are multiple ways to support APUFRAM through donations.

It is our mission to ensure that Father Emil’s vision of educating the poor in Honduras and in the Dominican Republic continues without interruption. APUFRAM prepares individuals over years through Catholic-orientated education  to provide for themselves and their families for life, rather than provide a simple one-time handout. APUFRAM International is served by uncompensated volunteers who keep operating overhead to a bare minimum so that your donations reach their intended purpose.

To make tax deductible donations or to continue sponsoring your child in Honduras or the Dominican Republic, please visit our PayPal links below or donate by mail. APUFRAM International acknowledges all contributions.


     APUFRAM International 
     P.O. Box 10085
     Russellville, AR  72812–0085

(Make your contribution payable to APUFRAM International.)

There are two options to donate using PayPal:

To make a one time monetary donation use the button below to be directed to the PayPal Giving Fund page. The PayPal Giving Fund passes through your donation directly to APUFRAM International without charging a fee. PayPal will acknowledge your contribution, and APUFRAM International will also confirm its receipt.

Donate Button

If you wish to set up a reoccurring monthly donation, please use the PayPal button below. APUFRAM International will provide an acknowledgment of your donations at the end of the year.


Gifts of appreciated securities

APUFRAM International has established a brokerage account to facilitate acceptance of donations of securities. For details contact our Treasurer: or our President:

Gifts of church supplies

APUFRAM supports a number of Catholic churches throughout Honduras. It has assisted in the construction of a number of rural churches and provides monthly stipends for several priests serving in rural areas. There is a constant need for altar supplies, such as chalices, patens, etc., plus priest vestments, statues, and crucifixes. Through a connection with Salvatorian Mission we are able to send religious items in a secure container directly to APUFRAM in Honduras. If you wish to make a donation please send items to Karean Van Ess Wagner, 5616 County Road U, Newton, WI 53063. Karean is a Board member and will deliver the items to Salvatorian Mission for shipment to APUFRAM.

University Students support

APUFRAM International helps to support a number of university students who have graduated from APUFRAM high schools. As of mid-2021 we are providing monthly stipends of varying amounts to 21 university students in Honduras and 5 in the Dominican Republic. Often these stipends make a critical difference in whether a student can continue her or his studies. In addition, APUFRAM owns four buildings that are dedicated to use by university students as living quarters. There are two buildings in Tegucigalpa, one in La Ceiba and one in Santo Domingo. Most of the leadership of APUFRAM are graduates of its high schools and have received support during their university careers. Donations may be dedicated to this important assistance program.

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