El Conejo

Boarding Facility, Woman’s Shelter, School, Volunteer/Retreat Center, and Agricultural Site

A few miles from Flores is the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Center for Girls where about 30 girls, ages 5-12 years-old, live and attend school. Individual homes accommodate eight girls and a house mom.
Santa Ana Primary School is located at this site. More than 100 girls and boys attend school here. The student population includes the boys from Villa San Antonio as well as local students in addition to the girls who live at
Guadalupe Center.

Also on site is the Margarita Cook Center for Abandoned Women (a.k.a. “The Moms Project”). This project is dedicated to providing shelter, work, and educational opportunities to disadvantaged mothers caring for their children alone. Additionally, the St. Therese de Lisieux Volunteer/Retreat Center is located here. This is where mission volunteers stay, and where various Honduran groups hold retreats. Classes for the training program newly established by APUFRAM for area residents are also held here.

The mothers at this site raise chickens and pigs.  Mangoes and sugar cane are also grown on the El Conejo acreage.

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