Hector Lanza – Graduate and APUFRAM Member

Dear Friend,

I am one of the many beneficiaries of Father Emil that you helped so many years ago.

I met many of you at one of the mission sites or during the years I accompanied Father Emil as he traveled throughout the U.S. during the Spring.  I have been with APUFRAM since I was 11 years old, and after 32 years, the gift of an education and the chance to dream of a better life, I want to share my story with you.

Today, I am 44 years old and I graduated as a teacher 17 years ago.  As a boy I lived and worked closely with Father Emil and there were days when we did not know if we would eat again.  Today, I have a wife and three daughters.

One day while speaking with Father Emil, he told me that he would like to open a mission in Liberia. I felt I owed him so much that I wanted to continue his dream.  At the time my youngest daughter was two years old, but I left Honduras to spend two years away from my family to start this mission.  I have three other brothers that each received the benefit of your generosity, Rigoberto, Isain, and Mario, who started the mission in the Dominican Republic.

While my time in Liberia was very difficult, it was a joy to offer these children the same gift I received so many years before.  When I left Liberia I was proud that I accomplished my three objectives: to build a house for the children, a school, and a Catholic Church.

I want to thank you for the opportunity you provided to my brothers and me.  Along with Father Emil, you have made a difference in the lives of thousands of children, and we at APUFRAM are dedicated to continuing his dream.

Thank you for changing my life and thank you for your continued support in helping all of the children, whether in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Liberia.


Hector Lanza

Denis Arturo Erazo – Student

Dear Friends,

First, I want to cordially greet you and ask that God pour out His blessings upon you and your families.  With much emotion, I make known how fortunate I am to be educated by APUFRAM.

I was very happy living with my parents and my grandparents, but unfortunately, I had very little time with them.  They died when I was only nine years old and from that point on my life took another direction.

I went to live with some distant relatives who took advantage of me  by sending me out to sell in the streets of Tegucigalpa at some risk to my life.  It was at that time that through contacts of an uncle I enrolled with APUFRAM in 1994, along with my brothers Luís, Héctor and Jairo.  Jairo is the youngest of my brothers and is now beginning his studies at the university.

In APUFRAM, I found not only family warmth but also the hope that I had lost to be able to go forward and to be a person with a better future.

Today, I am finishing up my studies in Agroindustrial Engineering while assisting in one of its boystowns where I had spent so much time (the St. Francis of Assisi Boystown).  There, I work as a house director during the mornings and in the afternoons I go to the university.

I have learned to serve others and I feel happy because APUFRAM has helped me so much.  I share the philosophy of Father Emil Cook: “To serve others and to be able to help the many people who are in need.”  God bless the heart of Father Emil and his tireless efforts to serve and help the poor.

APUFRAM has made the difference for me and for many young people.  They have transformed lives so that we can become successful and honorable persons in this country.


Denis Arturo Erazo

Henry Gustavo Alfaro – Graduate

Dear Friends,

May God shed many blessings upon you and your loved ones.  I write to you from Honduras, with much happiness.

Since I was a child, I always thought of going to primary school, then on to high school and finally to the university.  I asked God for the opportunity to study, and that is how I accomplished my primary school studies in my hometown.

After primary school, I wanted to continue studying but our economic situation did not allow me to as my parents come from a very poor background.  For a while I felt sad and without opportunity.  I wanted to continue on to high school, but my parents were not able to send me.

I fell behind one year in my studies, and at age 14 I learned that APUFRAM was an institution dedicated to helping economically disadvantaged youth in our country.

Then, my parents and I went together to visit one of the boarding facilities named St. Francis of Assisi, located on the north coast of the country.  This was my only hope to continue my schooling.  Thanks be to God that I had the opportunity to continue my studies in the Institute of St. Francis of Assisi, within the same institution (of APUFRAM).

The 6 years in the boarding facility were personally the best years of my life.  I met other youth in similar situations but with the desire to triumph in life; my biggest challenge was not to disappoint my parents or APUFRAM.

I finished my studies in 2009 with a degree as a Trade Expert and Public Accountant.  This has been my greatest accomplishment, as well as that of my family.  I am grateful to APUFRAM because it truly is an institution that supports the poor of Honduras and to you, my friends in all parts of the world.  God bless you for your support; your help is bearing much fruit here in Honduras, making dreams a reality for many youth.

I am currently collaborating with APUFRAM, to whom I owe for their unconditional support, and I am helping my younger brothers follow the same path.  I have not continued on in the university due to my work with the institution and with my parents, but I have faith in God that next year I will continue my studies.

I feel very happy to be able to describe part of my life and what APUFRAM means to me and so many youth.



Henry Gustavo Alfaro,  Beneficiary

Other Reflections

 It is difficult for us to give a gift directly to the One who has everything; but He tells us that what we do for the least of His children, we do for Him. As we reflect on the birth of Christ into our world, these are some thoughts shared by my sponsored students in APUFRAM.

“APUFRAM has done so many things for me. It has helped me develop spiritually. When I first came to the center, I came from critical living conditions in which I was malnourished, with limited clothing and without a place to rest. Finding a place like APUFRAM has been a great blessing that God has given me.”

MIGUEL — Received degree in Law April 2009 Tegucigalpa             


“Thanks to God I was able to receive help from this marvelous institution. I have been with APUFRAM for over 10 years. They have helped me with studying, with the courses I needed to get into the university, and my university courses. My parents don’t have the economic capability to pay for my schooling. APUFRAM has been hope for my family and me. It has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and be a better person. … God bless this institution and the volunteers who support us.”

ALICIA — Received degree in Medicine   September 2008 Tegucigalpa


“APUFRAM has helped me in many situations. I finished all of my high school education in Las Flores, Comayagua. APUFRAM helped me. Then I went on to the University and APUFRAM has helped me with a monthly contribution for my education. If it weren’t for APUFRAM’s help, I would have been unable to finish my studies in the time that I have. In fact, I wouldn’t have opted for a better education without APUFRAM and my Godparents in the United States.”

HULISES — Received degree in Industrial engineering April 2006 Puerto Cortes


The joy I felt when they received their degrees was like nothing else I have ever experienced.  If you are not currently sponsoring a child or if you have lost contact with one you previously sponsored, please write or email us. We will be happy to introduce you to a special representative of the Christ Child on earth. In His most Holy Name we pray: “May you have love in your life, joy in your heart, and peace in your world.”

Abuela — APUFRAM Supporter since 1987

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